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1. What is the sum of first 20 odd natural numbers 

   a.100     b.200     c.300   d.400 

2. Which of the given values is divisible by 15  

    a.2365     b.1375    c.4365   d.2275 

3. what is the value of x that the seven-digit number   8439×53 is divisible by 99 

     a.9     b.4     c.3   d.6 

4. what is the sum of all natural numbers between 1 and  100 which are multiples of 7 

     a.735     b.675     c.745    d.705 

5. what minimum value should be assigned to *, so that  2361*48 is exactly divisible by 9? 
  1. 2 b.3        c. 9       d.4 
6. The least number of five digit is exactly divisible by 88 is 

     a.10032          b.10132        c.10088        d.10023 

7. If the sum of two numbers is 14 and their difference is 10 .Find the product of these two numbers. 
  a 24        b.22        c.20        d.18 
8. what is the sum of all natural numbers from 1-100? 

     a.6000          b.5000        c.5052        d.5050 

9. what is the sum of all natural numbers between 1-100  Which are multiples of 7? 

   a.735          b.675        c.745        d.705 

10.The difference between the face value and local value  of 7 in the numeral 32675149 is 

 a.5149      b.64851    c.69993   d.75142 

11.what is the sum of the squares of the digits 1 to 9?

     a.105          b.260        c.285        d.385

12.A positive number, which when added to 1000, gives a  sum which is greater than when it is multiplied by 1000. This positive integer is 

       a.1          b.3        c.5        d.7 


13. If 37×3 is a four- digit natural number is divisible by 7,  then the place marked as x must have the value 
  1. 0      b.3        c.5        d.9
14.The least number more than 5000 which is divisible by  73 is 

  a.5009     b.5037     c.5073    d.5099

15.The smallest number which is subtracted from 8112 To make it exactly divisible by 99 is 

       a.91          b.92        c.93        d.95

16.The smallest 6-digit number is exactly divisible by 111 Is. 

  a.111111   b.110011   c.100011  d.110101 

17.when 2256 is divisible by 17, the remainder would be 

      a.1          b.14        c.16        d. none of the above 

18.what is the remainder when 461 is divided by 51? 

      a.20          b.41        c.50        d. none of the above 

19.A positive integer when divided by q leaves remainder 21.When double that number is divided by q, the   Remainder is 13. Then q is 
  1. 21        b.29         c.39          d.37 
20.(91+92+93+——-+210) is equal to 
  1. 10860 b.   18060       c.  18600       d.18006 












1.The smallest number which when diminished by 7, is divisible 12, 16, 18, 21 and 28 is?  


2. 252 can be expressed as a product of prime as                             

d) 2x3x3x3x7 

3.It is being given that (232 + 1) is completely divisible by a whole number. Which of the following numbers is completely divisible by this number? 

a)(216 + 1) 

b)(216 - 1) 

c)(296 + 1) 


 4.The largest 4 digit number exactly divisible by 88 is: 





e)None of these 

5.What is the unit digit in {(6374)1793 x (625)317 x (341491)}? 

a)0    b)2      c)3      d)5 

6.The sum of first 45 natural numbers is: 

a)1035     b)1280    c)2070     d)2140 

7.If the number 481 * 673 is completely divisible by 9, then the smallest whole number in place of * will be: 





8.The difference between the local value and the face value of 7 in the numeral 32675149 is 





9.A number when divided by 296 leaves 75 as remainder. When the same number is divided by 37, the remainder will be: 





10.If the number 97215 * 6 is completely divisible by 11, then the smallest whole number in place of * will be: 

a)3       b)2 

c)1       d)5  


11.(112 + 122 + 132 + … + 202) = ? 





12.(51 + 52 + 53 + … + 100) = ? 





13.The sum all even natural numbers between 1 and 31 is: 





14.The largest 5 -digit number exactly divisible by 91 is: 





15.The smallest 5 digit number exactly divisible by 41 is: 

a)1004       b)10004 

c)10045     d)10025 


1.what is the sum of first 67 natural numbers. 
2.what is the sum of the numbers from 50-200 that are divisible by 15
3.what is the sum of the squares of the first 68 natural numbers.
4.what is the sum of cubes of the first 17 natural numbers.
5.Find the product of the face value and place value of 6 in 2364672. 
6. What should be added to 1459 so that it is exactly divisible by 12? 
7.Find the value of √ (16√(16√(16√(16√(16√(16√(16))))))). 
8.Find the largest 5 digit number that is exactly divisible by 18. 
9.Find the smallest 4 digit number that is exactly divisible by 66. 
10.what is the average of the first 45 natural numbers.
11.A Boy was asked to multiply the number by 35 but by mistake he multiplied by 60 and the answer was 500 more than the correct answer what was the number?
12.What should be added to 1459 so that it is exactly divisible by 12? 
13.7X2 is a three digit number and X is the missing digit. If the number is divisible by 6, the missing digit is. 
14.How many of the following numbers are divisible by 132 ? 
264, 396, 462, 792, 968, 2178, 5184, 6336. 
15.What is the unit digit in {(6374)1793 x (625)317 x (341491)} 



1. 3+(2+(4+2*(4+5))) 

a)26    b)27    c)28    d)29 

2. 9+(6+7*3 – (9+2-6/2))

 a)26    b)27    c)28    d)29 

3.Evaluate 248+52+144−−−√−−−−−−−−−√−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−√𝟐𝟒𝟖+𝟓𝟐+𝟏𝟒𝟒

   a)26    b)32   c)36    d)33 

4.what is the square root of 0.0009?

a)0.03    b)0.003    c)0.3    d)0.0003 

5.Find the value of 529−−−√𝟓𝟐𝟗 is 

 a)37    b)27    c)38    d)28 

  6.Find the value of 9409 −−−−−√𝟗𝟒𝟎𝟗 

  a)97    b)93     c)83      d)89 

7.Find the (27)2

a)719    b)799  c)739   d)729 

8.Find the (229)2

 a)52241    b)42241    c)52441    d)52414 

 9.Find the (823)2 

         a)640409    b)672529    c)677329   d)677239 

 10.Find the (704)2 

a)495661   b)495616    c)496516   d)496156 

 11.how many perfect squares lie between 120 and 300 

   a)5     b)6      c)8        d)7   

12.A man born in the first half of the nineteenth century was x Years old in the year X2. He was born in 

       a)1806    b)1812    c)1825    d)1836 

 13.The sum of the square of two positive integers is 100 and   The difference of their squares is 28. The sum of the numbers Is 

      a)12    b)13   c)14    d)15 

14.The sum of two numbers is 75 and their difference is 25 The product of the to numbers is

    a)1350     b)1250    c)1520    d)1530 

15.If the sum and difference of two numbers are 20 and 8  Respectively, then the difference of their square 

     a)12    b)28    c)160    d)180 



  1. What is the value of 99!

a) 508032 b) 5015168   c) 50511586   d)51158650 


     a)983000   b)9830    c)9830000   d)98300 

3.which of the following is divisible by 3?

      a)5967013    b)541326   c)5413312    d)155423 

4.which of the following is divisible by 11?

     a)4832719    b)4832718   c)4832786    d)557463822 


     a)2    b)3   c)4    d)5 

6.Find the unit digit in the product 81-82*83*84*85*86*87*88*89 

      a)0   b)1   c)4    d)5 


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