Become A React JS  Develop In 100 Days

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About This Course

Deep Dive in React JS Developer Training. A Practical approach to learn React JS Developer. Become a React JS Expert

  1. Courses include “React Fundamentals” and “Universal React”.
  2.  Mastering React – Build professional interactive apps with React.
  3. React Tutorial – Learn React step by step in an interactive environment with flashcards.
  4. Road to React – Your journey to master React in JavaScript.

Who this course is for

  • This React JS certification course is designed for web developers who design and build UI/UX solutions for mobile and web apps and want to design with React as efficiently as possible using a JavaScript library.

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  • if you are a beginner then follow the course in same order and practice everything you learn.
  • you can always ask question in Q&A section. you will find it below every lecture. Please don’t use messages for asking doubts.
  • Your questions will be answered within 48 hours. before asking a question please check the question and answer for previously asked question.

What you’ll learn

  • React is a JavaScript library that enables developers to build complex user interfaces by breaking down the interface into reusable components
  • It is not a full-fledged framework but can be used alongside other technologies to create powerful applications.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the pillars for all front-end developers.
  • Node Package Manager.
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript and ES6. 
  • JavaScript XML(JSX) and Babel.
  • Bootstrap 4.
  • Git and CLI (Command Line Interface).


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